What Salary Is Considered A Good Salary In France?

A net monthly salary of 2,400 to 3,500 EUR is considered adequate in France in 2022.

France’s excellent net monthly salary is usually between 2,500 and 4,000 EUR. Outside of Paris, you can live comfortably between 2,000 and 3,000 EUR. If you live in Paris, however, you should aim to earn between 3,000 and 5,000 EUR to live comfortably.

Before we get into what a good salary in France is, it’s important to note that discussing how much you make is frowned upon. The French, unlike other cultures, do not freely share their annual income or even show their pay stubs.

Even so, if you find yourself in a job interview as an expat in France in 2022, you will inevitably be asked, “What is your salary expectation?”

To confidently answer this question, you should know France’s average salary and a good living wage. Once you have this information, you will understand how much you need to earn in France.

You will also understand how much money you should earn to live comfortably as an expat in this lovely country. This includes having a comfortable apartment and having money set aside for occasional trips, dining out, and other living expenses associated with a comfortable lifestyle.

Salary Requirement For Blue Card In France

You must have a 12-month employment contract and a salary at least 1.5 times the average salary set for the year. The minimum annual salary for Blue Card France is 53 836,50 Euros (2022).

You must also have a university or specialised college degree indicating that you have at least three years of study. Alternatively, you can demonstrate your qualifications by demonstrating at least five years of relevant experience with work.

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Salary Requirement For Work Permit In France

The application fee for this France work visa is 99 EUR (120 USD). Individuals who apply for this visa and have family members accompanying them can request that their employer initiate the “accompanying family member” procedure concurrently with the worker’s application. The minimum wage you should be paid is provided below.

What Is The Minimum Wage In France?

On May 1, 2022, the French government raised the minimum wage by 2.65%. As a result, several work permit categories’ minimum wage requirements were affected. The following increases have been implemented:

  • The minimum salary for employees on assignment has been raised to EUR 35,544.53 per year under the Talent Passport.
  • The minimum salary for Talent Passport for Youth Graduates has been raised to EUR 39,493.92 per year.
  • The minimum salary for legal representatives in the Talent Passport has increased to EUR 59,240.88 per year.
  • The minimum salary for a residence permit for job seekers has been raised to EUR 29,620.44 per year.

What Is The Average Wage In France?

The average monthly salary in France in 2022, according to the French INSEE, will be €2,340, or €39,300 gross income per year. This is an increase from last year’s average of €2,238 per month.

However, French wages do not compare favourably with the rest of Western Europe. For example, in European cities ranked by average net salaries list, Paris ranks only 56th. Other major French cities are ranked 51st (Antibes), 52nd (Montpellier), 58th (Toulouse), 60th (Lille), 61st (Nantes), 65th (Lyon), 68th (Marseille), and 72nd, respectively (Nice).

Despite this, labour laws in France are generally very good, with working weeks set at 35 hours and employees regularly taking five weeks (or 30 working days) of vacation per year. Employees are entitled to sick leave after the first three days of illness, with a daily allowance equaling 50% of their basic daily wage.

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Average Salary In France By Gender

From 1995 to 2015, data from matched employer-employee registers in France (DADS): Men and women in the sample are, on average, 40 years old. On average, women earn €28,000 gross per year, while men earn €35,000; 27% of women and 7% of men work part-time.

According to the 2021 report of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap, France ranks 16th in the world for the size of its gender pay gap. The result is a result of France’s low score in the Economic Participation and Opportunity for Women category, which places it 58th in the world.

Women hold 34.6% of senior and managerial positions in France, compared to 36.8% in the United Kingdom and 42% in the United States. Nonetheless, France and 25 other countries rank first regarding “educational attainment for women.” Only one company “out of France’s 40 largest” is led by a woman: Engie, a utility with CEO Catherine MacGregor at the helm.

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Average Salary In France By Location

Ile-de-France, or the Paris region, topped the rankings as recently as 2019. The following are average monthly wages by region:

  • Ile-de-France (region of Paris): €3,087 per month
  • Provence-Alpes-CĂ´te d’Azur: €2,347 per month (Nice, Cannes, Antibes, etc.)
  • €2,226 per month in Normandy
  • €2,376 per month in Auvergne-RhĂ´ne-Alpes (Lyon region).
  • Hauts-de-France (region of Lille): €2,240 per month

Average Salary In France By Profession And Work Experience

According to 2019 statistics, the following are the average salaries by job level:

  • €4,230 per month for managers and CEOs
  • Intermediate (technicians and salespeople, foremen, supervisors, and so on): €2,411 per month
  • €1,740 per month for low-level employees
  • €1,830 per month for manual workers

Is 60,000 Euros A Good Salary In France?

In France, 60,000 euros per year is considered a good gross salary because it is significantly higher than the national average of €39,300. Most French people earning 60,000 euros or more are content with their pay.

However, whether or not this salary is sufficient depends on your family’s size and lifestyle. For example, it includes your diet, mode of transportation, entertainment options, apartment size and location, frequency of shopping, and so on.

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What Is Your Purchasing Power With Your Salary Earned In France?

Your salary in France may not be worth much if you do not know how many services and goods can be bought with it.

So let me explain an economic concept known as purchasing power parity. Don’t worry; I won’t go into too much detail and will try to keep it as simple as possible.

Purchasing power parity (PPP) is a macroeconomic metric that compares the number of goods and services available in different countries. So, economists create a basket of goods and services available in every country and use this aspect as a basis for comparison. It was a difficult task to develop this metric, and it is far from ideal. However, it is a great metric we have for you to find out how far your euros can go in France.

The Big Mac Index is the most widely used purchasing power parity ratio. So, how can the price of a burger be used to calculate your purchasing power in France?

We must convert euros into US dollars to ensure that we are working with the same currency in our calculations below.

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Step 1: We’ll Calculate How Many Big Macs You Can Buy In Your Country With Your Salary Today 

Find the Big Mac price in your country in US dollars. I’ve compiled a short list below:

  1. USA: US$5.81
  2. UK: US$4.53
  3. France: US$4.93 
  4. India: US$2.55
  5. Mexico: US$3.34
  6. Germany: US$4.95
  7. Turkey: US$1.86
  8. Convert your net monthly salary to US dollars
  9. Divide your current net monthly salary in US dollars by the local Big Mac price.

The outcome will tell you how many Big Macs are available in your country.

Step 2: We Need To Figure Out How Many Big Macs You Could Buy In France

  1. If you already have a job offer, use an online calculator to calculate your disposable income (net salary).
  2. Convert your net earnings to US dollars.
  3. Then divide your net income in US dollars by the French Big Mac price (4.93 US dollars)

The outcome will indicate how many Big Macs you can buy in France with your job offer.

If you estimate your net monthly income to be 2,355 Euros or 2,335.58 US dollars. With this salary, you would be able to purchase 473 burgers with your income in France.

At first glance, your purchasing power in France will decrease as I consume fewer burgers. However, it is essential to remember that the result of this calculation will provide a general sense of a standard of living and does not include the quality of life in each country.

Final Thoughts

Only you can decide whether a salary is good for you. Considering your country’s cost of living, disposable income, purchasing power, and quality of life would be best.

I hope this guide has helped you determine the average gross salary for your profession in France so that you can accept the job offer or negotiate for a higher salary.