Navigating the complexities of the French tax system can feel like exploring the labyrinthine streets of Paris: enchanting yet intricate. Looking to connect with the tax consultants in France? Don’t Worry! We’ve got you covered!

This guide to tax consulting in France is designed to illuminate the path for expatriates and locals alike, offering clarity on everything from income tax to social charges. Step into the world of French taxation with confidence, armed with expert insights and advice.

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NLE Accounting

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It is located on 27 Rue de Lisbonne, 75008 Paris, France.

NLE Accounting Benefits

NLE has accounting, tax, and financial expertise in the heart of Paris and London.

NLE provides businesses and people in France, the UK, and other countries with professional accounting, taxes, and financial services.

Both the UK and France receive specialized accounting and financial guidance from NLE.

NLE is recognized by both the French and British legal systems. 

Consciousness Both at Home and Abroad, NLE’s accounting, taxes, and financial services are customized to each client’s needs so you can enjoy peace of mind both domestically and internationally.

They have both regional and global competence.

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Dixon Wilson Chartered Accountants

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It is located on 19 Av. de l’Opéra, 75001 Paris, France.

Dixon Wilson Chartered Accountants Benefits

They specialize in providing tax, accountancy, and advisory services to high-net-worth private clients, including their families, trusts, and businesses. 

They are proud of their longstanding independence and have avoided any change compromising the service they provide to their clients. 

As a result, they are highly regarded within and without the profession. 

A significant part of their business spans the corporate world and increasingly has an international dimension.

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It is located at 10 Rue Pergolèse, 75116 Paris, France.

At Elitax, they are well aware of the difficulties expatriate communities face when it comes to tax matters, so their services span the full spectrum of tax advice, assistance, and support to meet the specific needs of each expatriate.

For those leaving France, they also provide a unique process of personal consultation to help you become aware of the tax responsibilities and liabilities of expatriation.

Elitax Benefits

✅ 99.99% of correct and optimized declarations are filed at Elitax.

Get a free consultation.

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My French Taxes

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It is located on 29 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.

Their team of French tax advisors is dedicated to helping expat individuals coming to live, work, or retire in France. They help expats better understand the French tax system and take advantage of the favorable regimes that may apply. 

If you are an expat looking for tax advice regarding France, look no further!

My French Taxes Benefits

✅ Their French tax advisors team can assist you with all your questions about French taxes.

✅ They also have experts who can assist you in selecting and obtaining the right residence permit during your stay in France, whether for work or retirement purposes.

✅ Their team of French tax advisors is used to providing social and tax advice to expats contemplating a move to France. 

✅ Their assistance can be a memorandum and a simulation of the income tax and social contributions you will have to pay if you decide to move to France.

✅ Their assistance is not limited to the French income tax

✅ They are also used to dealing with high-net-worth individuals who may want to determine in advance if they will be within the scope of the new French wealth tax on real estate. 

✅ They help these high-net-worth expats determine if they can benefit from any favorable regime should they move to France and provide them with an estimate of their liability to this tax (sometimes also called the property tax) while staying in France.

✅ Their French tax advisors are also competent in assisting Expats looking for tax advice regarding French inheritance tax and succession law before moving to France. 

✅ Therefore, they assist expats in planning their succession, especially if they intend to remain in France long.

✅ They advise expats for the structuring of the acquisition of their main or secondary residence in France. They help them determine whether to acquire their residence in their name or via a French or foreign entity. 

✅ They assist them at each step of the process, whether to check that there is no issue regarding the property they are willing to buy or to follow up with a French notary during the sale process.

Their team of French tax advisors is used to assisting Expats living in France with their tax reporting requirements. 

✅ They have experience dealing with the specificities of expats with foreign income and bank accounts or life insurance contracts outside of France. They also developed specific expertise regarding foreign pension income tax treatment.

✅ They assist expats with the annual filing of their income and real estate wealth tax returns. 

✅ They have in-depth experience concerning the annual and event-based reporting requirements due to the trustees of the trust having a French connection. 

✅ In case some reporting requirements were missed, they help trustees of trusts regularize their tax situation with the French tax authorities.   

✅ Their team of French tax advisors is used to assisting expats and individuals leaving France to comply with specific reporting requirements. 

✅ They can liaise with the French tax authorities on behalf of expat individuals after they depart from France for all their tax and social reporting requirements.

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Forth Capital

The international tax service at Forth Capital provides high-quality cross-border and French tax advice for individuals moving to France, already living in France, or purchasing French property and expats.

Forth Capital Benefits

✅ Their tax advisers are qualified Chartered Tax Advisers and Chartered Institute of Taxation members. They have specific expertise in French tax advice, with over 15 years of experience advising expatriates.

✅ With their specialist knowledge of the UK and French systems and how they interact, they can highlight opportunities to reduce your taxes while ensuring you avoid the pitfalls.

✅ They help you plan your residence – Where you pay your taxes depends on where you live and where your income and gains are generated.  

✅ They can help you through the thorny issue of the UK’s Statutory Residence Test and advise on French residency laws and how they relate to your tax circumstances.

✅ They can inform you of ways to cut wealth tax expenses.

✅ They can help you with complex capital gains tax planning.  

✅ If you are relocating to France, they will examine the best time to sell assets to reduce your UK and French liabilities and provide advice on the various exemptions and deductions.  

✅ Tax planning for all types of income, including rental income, salary dividends, investment income, share options, and more, is something they can help with.

✅ They can advise you on minimizing the costly effects of French Succession Law, including arrangements for property ownership and investment.

✅ They provide counseling on minimizing succession tax, which is essential if you have children.

✅ They can advise you on the advantages of your unique situation.

✅ They can advise you on investing in tax-effective assets, which can help you pay less in taxes in both the UK and France.

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As we conclude our journey through the nuances of tax consulting in France, it’s clear that understanding this sophisticated system is crucial for financial success and peace of mind in the Hexagon.

Whether you’re sipping a café au lait in a Parisian bistro or enjoying the lavender fields of Provence, armed with the right tax advice, you can navigate French taxation as effortlessly as a local.

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