In France, compulsory insurance covers a wide range of industries. Here’s a quick guide to ensuring you’re fully insured in France.

The French approach to insurance is more dirigiste than many newcomers are accustomed to. When it comes to liability, for example, you will almost always require coverage. This book is intended to provide a comprehensive picture of France’s insurance and ensure that you are adequately protected while living in France.

Overview Of Insurance In France

France has one of the most developed insurance markets in the world, ranking sixth internationally and second in Europe (behind only the UK). In 2017, the French insurance sector generated €293 million in income, with 285 insurance companies operating nationwide.

Via the Autorite de Controle Prudentiel et de Resolution, the Banque de France controls insurance in France (ACPR). The French Insurance Federation (FFA – Federation Francais de l’Assurance) represents around 260 insurance businesses in France.

Residents of France are required by law to get a variety of insurance. In addition, you may acquire a variety of supplemental insurance.

Naturally, there are several firms and policies to consider. You can reach out to an insurer online, through a local agent, or a broker. Insurance coverage is also available from banks and retailers. In France, the recommended insurance firms include:

Some more recommended insurance companies in France include:

Taking Out Insurance In France

After determining the sort of insurance coverage you require, the next step is to select the best insurance policy and insurer for you.

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French Insurance Companies

The French Insurance Federation (FFA – Federation Francais de l’Assurance – ) has registered 246 French insurance businesses, which include:

  • Banks: France’s major banks provide some sort of insurance through subsidiary insurance firms or in collaboration with a private insurer.
  • Mutuelles: Mutuelle health insurers and mutuelle insurance firms (les mutuelles d’assurances) are non-profit cooperative insurance agencies owned by their policyholders.
  • Private insurance companies (les sociétés d’assurances)
  • Online Insurance Companies
  • International Insurance brokers frequently provide greater flexibility for expats or second-home owners with special needs. Many offer English-speaking services to handle contracts and claims on your behalf.

The insurance plans offered, the premiums and excess amounts, particular policy details and inclusions/exclusions, and convenience will all influence your decision (you might prefer a local branch or a company with an English-speaking helpline, for example).

It’s a good idea to search for the best pricing, either by applying for a quotation directly or using price comparison websites like Assurland or Le Lynx. It’s also worth calling your bank or current insurance for a quote—as a returning customer. You may be eligible for preferential rates.

The Best French Insurance

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AXA is a global insurance corporation. They provide an English-speaking worldwide service. They offer insurance for cars, homes, health, and motorcycles through this service. So, with the pros at AXA, acquire the correct coverage for you in your new home.


GMF Assurances is an insurance company. The company solely services consumers in France. Visit the French website for further details.


Lemonade is an insurance company based in France. They specialise in easy-to-use renters insurance packages designed for 21st-century city living. Take out a policy with Lemonade to ensure the safety of your prized possessions.


Luko is a house insurance company based in France. You may quickly and conveniently take out a house insurance coverage on their English-speaking website. Choose your degree of protection and effortlessly protect your family’s prized possessions with Luko.

More French insurance to choose from

Assu 2000

In France, Assu 2000 offers vehicle insurance. They provide a variety of coverage options to suit different profiles and budgets. Their insurance provides mandatory coverage as well as customised options to ensure you are protected for what you require. With Assu 2000, you may find your ideal insurance match.

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Le Comparateur Assurance

Le Comparateur Assurance is a site for comparing insurance firms in France. They enable you to choose the finest alternative for your home, health, or automobile insurance, whether you’re seeking coverage for your house, health, or car. Join Le Comparateur Assurance’s nine million internet customers in comparing insurance companies for free.

World Nomads

World Nomads is a supplier of worldwide travel insurance. They provide coverage whether you work, travel, or simply vacation abroad. Make sure you’re protected for the journey wherever the road takes you with World Nomads.

Fab French Insurance

Fab French Insurance is a French insurance agency for expats. They have been serving the English-speaking market since 2015, utilising French-native brokers to assist you in obtaining the assistance you want. Fab French Insurance can assist with anything from health and house insurance to residence applications and automobile registrations.


Assurland is a French insurance comparison website. They evaluate insurance policies from the largest suppliers in the country, covering everything from vehicle insurance to pet rates. With Assurland, you can find the finest French insurance options for you.

Allianz Auto

Allianz Auto is an automobile insurance company based in France. They provide a variety of policies and discounts for conventional, electric, and semi-autonomous vehicles. Other vehicles, such as motorbikes and RVs, are also covered. Check out their express tariff and get a price in just a few clicks.

Allianz Habitation

In France, Allianz Habitation offers house insurance. They provide a variety of pricing and optional extras for certain scenarios. Their user-friendly web tool helps you to quickly and easily locate your coverage. With Allianz Habitation, you may compare different products and select your house insurance requirements.

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BlaBlaCar Assurance

In France, BlaBlaCar Assurance provides automobile insurance. They provide competitive estimates for mandatory insurance as well as protection against theft and accidents. Their BlaBlaCar Coach app allows you to save money while also counselling you on safer, more environmentally friendly driving. Take advantage of BlaBlaCar Assurance. is a portal for comparing French insurance companies. They compare health insurance, property insurance, loan insurance, and other suppliers. Try the online interactive comparison tool at to discover the best insurance for your requirements.

Clements Worldwide

Clements Worldwide offers expats worldwide insurance options. Over 70 years of expertise in auto, personal property, income protection, and life and health insurance for the worldwide population. Get the correct protection wherever you go in the world with Clements Worldwide.

Generali Assurances

Generali Assurances is a global insurance company. As Europe’s third biggest insurer, they provide a variety of insurance products such as a vehicle, health, and property insurance. So, with Generali Assurances’ expert expat-friendly service, receive the correct coverage in your new home.

Global Underwriters

Global Underwriters is a global insurance firm that specialises in travel insurance. They provide a variety of travel-related plans, such as group and business travel, as well as specialist crisis response coverage for customers going to dangerous areas.


IMG is a supplier of international travel health insurance. IMG offers the ideal policy for you whether you’re travelling around the world, migrating abroad, or simply travelling on vacation. Get a quotation today to learn how much money you may save with IMG.

Insurances Without Borders

Insurances Without Borders is a global insurance company. They provide a variety of insurance products geared to the expat market, such as health, mobility, and others. So, wherever you’re going, get there safely with Insurances Without Borders’ goods.

Insured Nomads

Insured Nomads is a global insurance firm that caters to the demands of the digital nomad generation. Whether you’re travelling overseas or relocating to a new lifestyle, the inventive professionals at Insured Nomads can help locate the correct coverage.

La Banque Postale

La Banque Postale Assurances provides a variety of life insurance products in France. They have a policy for you if you need house insurance, auto insurance, legal protection, or additional health coverage. Visit La Banque Postale online to get the coverage you require. is a comparison website in France. They provide online tools to help you save money on your auto insurance, house insurance, and other policies. You may also compare utility suppliers such as gas, electricity, and internet. Visit to see how much money you may save.


Mondassur is a global insurance broker that specialises in the expat market. Their knowledgeable staff of expert insurance advisers can assist you in finding the correct insurance solutions for you and your family. So, with Mondassur, make sure you have the proper coverage in your new house.

Which Insurance In France Is Legally Required?

Health Isurance

Everyone in France is required to have health insurance. As of 2016, inhabitants of France were protected by the Protection Universelle Malade (PUMA). This covers expatriates working in France from their first day, whereas other legal residents can get public health insurance after three months of stable and regular residency.

The approach, however, has limitations. As a result, many expats and French nationals will get additional private insurance. Large private international health insurance providers that offer expat coverage packages include:

  • Allianz Care
  • Cigna Global

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Home Insurance

Before moving into your French house, you must obtain home insurance coverage, whether you rent or own it. Around 90% of French homeowners have multi-risk insurance, but you may also get individual coverage. Home insurance should cover the following:

  • Building insurance covers building damage caused by things like fire, water damage, natural disasters, and vandalism. For specific coverage, consult individual plans. This is required for renters and those with a mortgage but not for people who fully own their property.
  • Public liability insurance – All occupants are required to pay their own liability for harm to third parties and property. Tenants in rented housing will frequently require this. This can be purchased separately as third-party liability insurance, although it is frequently included in house insurance packages.
  • Contents insurance is optional coverage for personal possessions, although it is frequently offered at a cheaper cost when combined with a multi-risk house insurance policy.
  • Construction insurance – It is required to insure big building work is done on your property with a decennial cover known as dommages ouvrage. This safeguards against errors in the task performed. This is available in several multi-risk products. It is also available for purchase individually.

Policies can start at roughly €100 per year and can go up to €300-400 depending on the property value and degree of coverage. You can get coverage or useful advice from an expat-friendly insurance broker, frequently in English. These are some examples:

Read the fine print of any policy, specifically the excesses you will be required to carry and your responsibility to preserve the property. Some rules may require you to install an alarm or close shutters at night or during extended absences.

Insurance For Schoolchildren

Some house insurance plans will cover your liability for any damage or injury your child may do at school; others may provide this as a separate policy for a small fee. In all circumstances, the insurer will provide you with a certificate or attestation that the school will require at the start of the school year.

While not absolutely required for school attendance, you will need this for any activities not part of the official curriculum, such as field excursions and extracurricular sports.

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Motor Vehicle Insurance

All motor vehicles in France must be insured for accident liability, even if they are not in use unless all four wheels are removed. Third-party (tiers collision), third-party theft and fire, or complete policies are available (tous risques). In France, car insurance companies include:

You must have an attestation d’assurance issued by your insurance carrier with you at all times when driving your vehicle. A green certificat of d’assurance attests to your insurance’s validity is part of this. You must attach this to your vehicle’s windscreen so that it is plainly visible.

In the case of an accident, your insurer will also provide you with an internationally recognised form, le constat amiable, to fill.

The cost of automobile insurance in France is determined by criteria such as the value of the vehicle, the quantity of coverage, and the driver’s history. No-claims discounts accumulate at a rate of 5% each year, and a complete 50% no-claims bonus requires 13 years of no-fault driving.

As a result, some drivers may offer to pay directly for the damage they do in order to avoid an increase in the cost of their insurance coverage. You should exercise caution before accepting such an offer. If the cost of repairing the damage exceeds the amount you received from the other party, you will be unable to file an insurance claim.

Social Insurance

Those who work or study in France are required to register for social security payments. In France, public social security plans cover the following:

  • sickness, accidents, and disability;
  • parental leave;
  • family benefits;
  • old-age French pensions;
  • unemployment;
  • survivor benefits

Employers typically enroll their employees in a social security plan. On the other hand, self-employed employees must enroll in a self-employment programme.

Optional Forms Of Insurance In France

Life Insurance

In France, there are two forms of life insurance:

  • assurance vie
  • assurance deces

The sort of insurance known as assurance vie translates directly as “life insurance”. This savings plan saves and invests money for retirement or other long-term financial goals. It will also pay if you die before the policy’s expiration date. Many individuals purchase this as a supplement to state-provided social insurance.

Assurance deces means “death insurance” in Latin. However, this is the equivalent of what is known as a life insurance policy in many nations. This will only pay a premium cost to your family in the event of your death, based on your earnings loss.

Assurance décès following an accident is quite inexpensive (about €20 per month to cover the entire family), but when illness is included, the price is significantly more and takes your age and current condition of health into consideration.

If you obtain a large house loan from a French bank, you may be obliged to have life insurance. This is meant to safeguard both the bank and your family by paying out the outstanding mortgage in the event that you or your spouse dies.

Insurance In France 7

Third-Party Liability Insurance

Third-party liability insurance is a required component of house and auto insurance. It is also feasible to obtain separate liability insurance that covers damage or harm caused to others in other circumstances. For instance, if you cause damage to someone else’s property or if your dog bites someone.

Liability insurance may be purchased independently from house insurance and will cover mishaps that occur in the home. A separate policy typically costs roughly €160 per year.

Legal Insurance

This type of optional insurance is not as widespread in France as life or liability insurance. However, as access to legal assistance becomes more difficult, more people are purchasing plans that cover legal fees.

In the case of a lawsuit or legal disagreement, legal insurance (assurance de protection juridique) covers the costs of legal processes. You may purchase it independently or as an add-on to your house or auto insurance policy.

Commercial Insurance In France

If you wish to run a business in France, you must obtain the appropriate insurance coverage to safeguard your assets and reputation. Some business insurance in France is required, while others are optional. The most important are:

  • Business liability insurance is also known as public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance (l’assurance civile professionnelle). All limited companies must have it. Suppose you are a freelancer or single proprietor. In that case, you may be able to cover your business operations via your personal liability insurance. Still, you will need to define your activities and may have to pay an additional premium for coverage.
  • Premises, equipment and vehicle insurance – These can be purchased separately or together in a multi-risk policy (assurance multi risque et perte d’exploitation). None of these is required for most businesses, but they are strongly recommended to guard against theft or damage caused by fire, water, or storms, among other things.
  • Business interruption insurance (assurance perte d’exploitation) protects against income loss, including staff pay, if the firm cannot function for an extended length of time. Some insurers provide packages that include property, equipment, and car insurance.
  • Assurance decennale – This is required insurance for tradespeople such as builders, plumbers, and electricians. It protects your work for a term of ten years against flaws in quality.

Which Insurance Do You Need In France?

Many different forms of insurance are available in France, ranging from house and life insurance to pet and vacation insurance. After we’ve covered the necessities, let’s look at the additional insurance alternatives accessible in France.

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Holiday Home Or Second Home Insurance

In France, home insurance plans often specify a maximum number of days that the property may be left unoccupied (sometimes as short as 30 days, although you’re rare to find a policy that protects you for more than 90 days). As a result, second-home and vacation house owners in France should consider purchasing insurance that is tailored to their individual needs.

These plans normally have a larger excess amount and may have specific criteria (for example, that certain security measures be implemented or security systems are placed on the property), but they will provide piece of mind if something occurs to your property while you are away.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is known in French as ‘assurance décès’ (meaning ‘death insurance’), not’ assurance vie’, which refers to a savings programme that puts aside and invests money for retirement or other long-term financial goals. Assurance décès will pay a premium to your family in the event of your death due to an accident or sickness (depending on the policy) and may also contain provisions for funeral and burial expenses.

When taking out a French home loan or long-term bank loan, life insurance policies are frequently required to cover the loan amount in the case of your death.

Business Or Professional Insurance

When it comes to safeguarding your business and assets, many different forms of insurance are available to business owners or professionals, and it’s advisable to obtain particular counsel from an insurance broker or legal expert. You should also think about getting a ‘contract de prévoyance,’ which is personal or professional insurance coverage that protects you in the event of a hospitalisation, accident, death, or loss of income. Legal protection insurance, commonly known as ‘protection juridique,’ may also be included.

Many businesses give a ‘contract de prévoyance.’ Still, self-employed professionals can also obtain an individual policy – your mutuelle health insurer may supply such contracts. Still, as with any insurance, it’s a good idea to shop and pick the best one to meet your needs.

Travel Insurance

All French people registered in France’s healthcare system are eligible for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), or Carte Européenne d’Assurance Maladie (CEAM), which allows EU nationals travelling inside the EU to get medical treatment.

However, it is still suggested that you purchase separate travel insurance when travelling, especially if you are leaving Europe. While many insurers provide travel insurance plans, it’s also worth checking with your bank; some bank accounts (particularly premium cards) provide basic travel insurance as well as coverage for cancelled flights and luggage.

Insurance In France 9

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is not as prevalent in France as it is in other countries, but the expense of treatment for sickness, ongoing health problems, or procedures can still be substantial. Purchasing pet insurance will cover the expenses of treatment for your dog, cat, or horse.

French Insurance Policies

While many parts of your French insurance coverage may be comparable to those in your native country, don’t assume they will be identical. You must thoroughly study your contract and understand exactly what is and isn’t covered. Ensure you understand the excess amount, the claims process, and any optional inclusions.

Here are a few instances that frequently take expats off guard:

  • When purchasing French vehicle insurance, the No Claims Bonus scheme differs from that of other nations. In France, reaching complete No Claims with a maximum discount of 50% takes 13 years. Transferring your No Claims Bonus from the UK or the US is doable, but certain insurance providers may object if you don’t have the proper papers.
  • A health insurance mutuelle is not the same as private health insurance; rather, it acts as supplemental insurance to cover the portion of your healthcare expenditures not covered by your state social security contributions. There are several payment tiers to select from, so it’s critical to understand exactly what proportion your mutuelle will pay and for which therapies.
  • Home insurance claims have strict time limits – you must report a theft within two days and damages within five days, and there is a special procedure for damages caused by government-declared natural disasters.

Tools For Comparing Insurance In France

  • Assurland – It is one of France’s most well-known insurance comparison websites, where you can compare health, home, vehicle, and other insurance policies.
  • Le Lynx is another popular site for comparing insurance and energy providers.

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