Pets, like humans, can become ill, require surgery, or require medication from time to time, which is why insurance for your furry friends is important to consider.

What Is The Best Dog Insurance In France?

Luko is the best dog insurance available in France. Read on ahead to find more details regarding Luko and dog insurance in France.

Dog Insurance Policies In France

In most cases, you will pay a monthly premium, but in some cases, you will pay an annual premium.

In exchange, they will agree to reimburse you for some of the costs you may incur if your dog requires veterinary treatment. Policies are written to provide coverage for potential risks or events that may occur in the future. Pre-existing conditions are generally excluded. If your dog is currently undergoing treatment, you may be required to disclose this information when applying for your policy.

Coverage may be declined, but it can be offered under special delayed protection provisions, or the existing condition may be completely excluded in such cases. Any illnesses must be declared on the insurance application form. There will also be vaccination-related questions.

If your dog requires frequent veterinary care, the insurance company may be unwilling to renew the policy; there is no obligation on their part to offer a renewal, and the older the animal, the stricter their policy rules.

Typically, the initial covered age range is between 3 months and seven years. As a result, obtaining a policy for your elderly dog may be difficult. However, if you take out a policy at a young age, many insurers will continue to provide coverage for the animal’s entire life.

Certain policies exclude ailments that could be avoided with vaccinations, or the insurance company can require that your dog be properly vaccinated before accepting the policy.

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Costs And Packages

Dog insurance providers’ offerings are frequently divided into two or three categories, which are often described as ‘économiques,’ ‘intermédiaires,’ ‘complètes,’ and so on.

The level of protection you need will typically define one or more of the following:

Maximum Payable In A Year

This could be expressed as an absolute figure or as a percentage of reimbursable costs.

Maximum Reimbursable Per Claim

A maximum of 70%-80% is common, which means that if you have €1,000 in vet bills, your insurance will reimburse you €800.


The ‘franchise’ is the amount you will be expected to contribute toward the costs of any claims. It may pay in the range of €20-€30 per year, or it may be shown as an amount per claim. In the preceding example, the €800 would thus be reduced by €20 or €30.

Preventative Treatment

Higher levels of coverage may include vaccinations and worming, whereas lower levels may not.

Start Date

If your dog recently had surgery, your policy will not go into effect for 45 days. Furthermore, there is usually a delay before the policy begins (‘délais de carence’), which can range from one week to three months.


Thus, higher levels of coverage may include surgical treatment while lower levels may not.

Elective procedures will not be covered except for a few preventative exceptions. Grooming, behavioural modification, teeth cleaning, and routine health checks may be prohibited.

Third-Party Cover

Other than vet bills, your dog may pose a financial risk to you. Thus, if your dog injures someone directly by attacking them or indirectly by, say, running into the road and causing a car accident, you may be held liable under the law. 

It is possible to protect your financial interests by purchasing third-party liability insurance for dogs, and some dog insurance policies may include it. However, such coverage is sometimes included in home and contents insurance, so it’s worth double-checking to make sure you’re not paying twice.

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Checking Your Policy

As with any type of insurance, it is critical that you carefully read the policy and any accompanying documentation; the fine print in dog insurance policies is frequently very important.

The documentation will not only outline what coverage is provided but also its limitations and exclusions. It also emphasizes your responsibilities as a policyholder.

Some of the terms used in the policies are technical and often difficult to understand, so before you sign them, consider how you will understand your rights and obligations properly.

In ‘key points’ summary documents, some French insurance companies provide English and occasionally other language translations of their policies.

Why Is It Good To Have Dog Insurance?

If your dog gets injured or ill and needs to go and see a vet, it can be expensive. If you have insurance, you can get your dog the best care without being liable for all the costs involved yourself. You can choose a dog insurance policy that suits you, your dog, and your finances.

The Best Dog Insurance In France-Luko

Luko Cover SAS, trading as Luko, is registered with the French regulatory authority (ORIAS) under the number 18002431. Luko is authorised to operate in several European countries. More information is available at Orias.

Dog – Health Insurance

Whether it’s dog or cat health insurance, we’ve got your four-legged friend covered – just in case!

  • Free choice of veterinarian
  • 100% paperless and online
  • Cancel at any time

Why Are Over 300,000 Policyholders Recommending Luko?

  • Cheaper- From €3.99 per month
  • Transparent – Only the guarantees you truly need
  • Simple – Insured in 2 minutes, 100% online

This Protection Is Waiting For You

You will be covered if you have dog health insurance if you incur veterinary expenses. There is a distinction between surgical costs and other veterinary costs.

Luko focuses on your contractual flexibility, from a low deductible to full reimbursement. Choose your deductible based on your own requirements. You can personalize your protection.

  • Free choice of your vet
  • Cost coverage up to €20.000
  • Optional care bonus up to €50
  • Short waiting periods
  • Animals with pre-existing conditions
  • No limitation on breeds

With Luko, Save Up To 56% While Enjoying The Following Benefits:

  • competitive products with top ratings
  • similar and high-performance insurance coverage
  • transparent and easy-to-understand T&Cs

You can calculate your quote here.

Luko Surgery Coverage

Luko dog health insurance covers these risks. You can learn more in detail here.

  • Cats and dogs – All species of cats and dogs, with the start of basic immunisation. From the ninth week, the maximum age is seven years.
  • Necessary operations – Operation at the veterinarian under partial/general anaesthesia up to three times the rate according to the veterinarian fee scale (GOT)
  • Damages abroad – Worldwide coverage (reaching 12 months), but ONLY if your primary residence is in Germany.
  • Missing report – If your dog is missing for more than 72 hours, it will contribute to the costs of a missing person report.

Click this link to get covered. If you want full dog health coverage, including regular veterinary expenses, diagnostics, and yearly preventative care, Luko Premium is the right choice for you.

Dog Liability And Health Insurance In France 3

Veterinary Expenses

  • Outpatient treatment at the veterinarian can cost up to three times the rate, according to the veterinarian fee scale.
  • If you select the “Premium”, “Dental”, or “Premium Best” add-on, you can save up to four times the price.

Prevention (Optional)

  • Health checks, vaccinations, chip implantation/tattooing, worming, flea and tick prevention, neutering, or sterilisation are all covered by the “Premium” and “Dental” Add-Ons.
  • In “Premium Best,” they even pay for the prevention on an annual basis.

Don’t Like The Deductible?

Free yourself from all expenses and receive a full refund.

Reduce the deductible from 30% plus a minimum of €100 to 20% or 0% for all of your chosen options. You can avoid unexpected costs so you can afford the best care for your dog.

The best-rated insurance according to its 300,000 policyholders. Read their testimonials.

This protection is waiting for you.

When faced with veterinary expenses, their dog health insurance protects you. There is a distinction between surgical procedure costs and other veterinary costs.

In general, Luko will pay for unexpected and necessary surgical procedures on your four-legged friend.

What Is Insured?

Luko’s dog health insurance covers the costs of unexpected, necessary surgical procedures anywhere in the world. You can select an excess of 30%+min. 100€, 20%, or 0%.

Sum Insured

The sum insured is the maximum amount they will pay if your dog or cat requires surgery:

  • €1,000 applicable for the first 12 months when the insurance starts (1st benefit section)
  • €2,000 (2nd benefit section) applicable for the first 24 months when the cover starts
  • €20,000 (3rd benefit section) for the first 24 months from the start of cover.

This Is Insured

Is your dog in need of surgery as a result of an illness that occurred after you purchased dog health insurance? They sympathise with you and your fluffy companion. They keep you financially secure by reimbursing the following expenses:

  • Operation under general anaesthesia; vet fee up to three times the Fee Regulations for Veterinarians (GOT);
  • Hospitalisation for up to 20 days following surgery per insurance year;
  • Medication required following the operation up to 20 days per insurance year;
  • Protection while travelling (12 months and worldwide);
  • Press contribution for an insured runaway animal, for a maximum of €100 per incident;

Co-insured refers to a one-time Health Bonus, such as:

  • Protective vaccinations;
  • Chip Implementation/Tattooing;
  • Castration or sterilisation.
  • Worming;
  • Flea and tick control;

This Is Not Insured

There are a few exceptions that are not covered by this insurance. They do not cover costs in the following situations, for example:

  • Treatments initiated or recommended by veterinary care prior to the contract’s conclusion;
  • Treatment or surgery to correct congenital, genetic, or developmental defects;
  • Operations aimed at establishing specific breeding.

They do not reimburse costs for, e.g.:

  • Chiropractic and osteopathy.
  • Homoeopathy and acupuncture;
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatments;
  • Laser therapy;
  • Necessary diagnostics such as ultrasound, X-rays, ECG, blood and tissue samples, urine, and stool diagnostics;
  • Treatments of allergies due to hyposensitization;

However, the Veterinary Cost Coverage add-on can easily protect you from the exclusions above.

Final Words

The insurance coverage you should purchase is determined by your personal preferences, the needs of your dog, and your financial situation. Luko is a great choice.