How Healthcare Works In France

Is healthcare in France free? Mostly. The French healthcare system is frequently regarded as one of the best in the world. To get you started, here are some healthcare-related facts:

  • It’s a well-served system, with more than one doctor for every 1,000 people.
  • In France, the average life expectancy is 83 years.
  • The universal system is a hybrid, and healthcare costs in France are financed partly by the state and partly by individuals or private insurers.
  • Employee and employer taxes both contribute to the healthcare system.

The France Healthcare System Explained

A high-quality healthcare system comes at a cost. So, how exactly does healthcare work in France? France has a high tax burden, spending more than 11% of its GDP on mandatory healthcare. Nonetheless, the French are content with their high-quality healthcare system, which is unlikely to change anytime soon. Patients spend relatively little on healthcare because the government subsidizes most of it.

Does The French Public Healthcare Cover Dental Care?

The state covers basic dentistry (such as consultations, cavities, and tooth extractions). Still, more complex or cosmetic treatments are usually more expensive, and patients must bear the costs themselves or obtain private insurance. However, dental prostheses will be fully reimbursed under the system beginning in 2021.

Children covering the ages of 6 and 18 receive free dental check-ups every three years. The Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie will send you a letter entitling your children to their regular examination. You will not be charged for the consultation if you bring this letter to the dentist.

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Getting Healthcare For Dental In France

What Do I Need To Receive Healthcare In France?

France launched PUMA, its universal healthcare system for all residents, including expats, in 2016. The system provides excellent quality subsidized healthcare for all, but expats must live in France for three months before becoming eligible for state health insurance. This residency gap and any costs not covered by public funding, such as alternative or complementary therapy treatments, can be covered by private or international health insurance.

Do I Need Private Healthcare Insurance In France?

The World Health Organization has ranked France as one of the world’s best healthcare systems. Medical care, on the other hand, is not cheap, and public insurance plans only cover about 70-80% of the costs. Private health insurance can be opted to cover any remaining costs, gain access to treatments not covered by the state, and fill any initial coverage gaps. Anyone unable to receive subsidized PUMA treatment must also obtain private insurance (e.g. short-term visitors).

What Is The Best Dental Insurance In France?

We make health insurance simple: these three health insurance companies offer international medical and dental insurance to expats in France. Get quick, simple quotes and consult our FAQs to find your best health insurance plan.

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Allianz Care

The Munich-based financial services firm provides international health insurance plans for international students, professionals, couples, and families. Allianz Care covers routine medical expenses, emergency treatment, dental consultations, maternity, surgery, and outpatient fees, depending on the policy.Get a quote from Allianz Care.

Health Care Plans

Source: Allianz Care

Why Allianz Care For Dental Insurance

As an award-winning health insurance provider, they offer first-class service, innovative digital tools and the reassurance of being served by an experienced, global leader in international healthcare. 


They have received several prestigious awards, including the Top International Insurance Award, Best International Private Medical Insurance Award, International Health Insurer of the Year and more. 


They are committed to making life easier, simpler and safer for their members. That includes introducing digital tools such as the MyHealth app and portal, which manages claims, stores policy documents, shows benefits, and gives access to their symptom checker and telehealth hub.


As a long-time international insurance provider, they offer a streamlined service and fast turnarounds. They are proud to reimburse their members for their claims within 48 hours. 

A Premium Service

Allianz Care is recognized worldwide as a first-class international health insurance provider. They are proud to have combined satisfaction ratings of almost 90% for offline and online services to their members.

April International

APRIL International provides health and travel insurance in 180 countries. Their insurance products are designed specifically for expats, whether you’re relocating your family, studying abroad for a semester, taking a working holiday, or simply traveling. One hundred thirty thousand expats already trust APRIL International.

Get a quote from April International.

International Healthcare Plans

Source: April International

Healthcare Plans for Expats

Source: April International

Why APRIL International For Dental Insurance


Because they’ve been specializing in international health insurance for more than 40 years: over 150,000 people have already trusted them to ensure their health abroad. Their benefits:

  • medical expenses,
  • repatriation assistance
  • private civil liability,
  • death and disability,
  • security,
  • retirement.

They work with many different partners and insurers worldwide. 

Local Presence

Because their offices and healthcare networks are worldwide, they are never far from their policyholders. By providing contact methods that match their everyday experience, they ensure they are always by the side of their members. You can get in touch with them quickly at any time!


They provide several services to make life easier for their insured members globally in the world:

  • Easy Claim app to send medical claims in just a few clicks,
  • direct payment of hospital charges,
  • medical referral (partner healthcare providers),
  • telemedicine and second medical opinion,
  • direct billing in the most visited countries.

They are committed to handling lead times for your employees’ routine or emergency requests.


Cigna Global is a healthcare company that serves expats and globally mobile individuals in over 200 countries. Customers can easily customize Cigna Global policies to meet their coverage and cost requirements, and they can choose from three coverage levels, modular plans, and several cost-share options. 

Get a quote from Cigna.

Dental Healthcare Plan

Source: Cigna

Why Cigna For Dental Insurance

People First

They have customer service teams across the globe, each with their own in-depth local market knowledge. They can adapt quickly and support their customers in whatever their needs. Whether in response to a global health crisis or their health requirements, they’re there for their people in good times and bad.

Whole Health And Affordability Focus

They provide an entire health service platform with a personalized, predictable, and simple customer experience that drives medical plan affordability. They combine customized products, services and resources into one intuitive offering, seamlessly integrating online and offline health experiences.

Driven By Purpose

They enable more choice and flexibility for improved customer experience. So they can create healthier futures for their clients and customers. They partner with the customers to help them look after their whole health.

Global And Local Networks

Their goal is to provide their customers with reliable and easy access to quality healthcare wherever they are in the world. As part of a global organization, they have access to a unique database of healthcare providers in 192 countries and operation teams across all time zones.

FAQ: Dental Health Insurance In France

If you choose private health insurance in France, thoroughly research the market and select the best package for your needs from the many available options.

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Here are some important considerations:

What Treatments Are Covered?

The French Health Insurance system is fairly comprehensive, covering treatment from doctors and specialists, hospital care, maternity care, dental care, and various preventative check-ups. Still, it does not cover treatment from psychologists, chiropractors, or osteopaths. Private insurance plans can cover these.

How Much Money Does It Cost To Visit The Dentist In France?

The charges will depend on the type of treatment, but they are not excessive by the standards of many countries. Thus, treatment for minor tooth decay costs €16.87, of which the social security system reimburses 70%. A tooth extraction will cost €33.44, again reimbursable at the rate of 70%.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In France?

The average price of dental implants in France is €2,000. This price includes the implant, prosthesis, and ceramic crown. Social security reimburses the implant crown at 70% of the reimbursement fee schedule agreements, which is €107.50, so reimbursement of €75.25.

How Much Money Do Braces Cost In France?

Fixed metal: If you need upper and lower treatment, the lab cost is around 65€. So the dentist needs to charge for their time, all the monthly adjustment appointments over 2-3 years, staff and machines on top of that, so in general, these fixed braces cost between 1500€-2000€ to the patient.

How Straightforward Is The Process For Making A Claim?

Since 2017, doctors and medical personnel have been prohibited from charging patients in advance for subsidized costs. This has greatly simplified the public insurance system. However, with many private insurers, you may be required to pay the full cost upfront and then apply for reimbursement. Check the claims process with private companies to ensure you’re prepared for out-of-pocket expenses.