Do you intend to visit a French-speaking country? Do you wish to learn the lovely French language? Or are you simply too busy to attend classes?

Why Is It A Good Idea To Learn French With More Than One App?

Everybody learns differently. Some people learn by reading or writing, while others learn through listening and speaking. Most people can read and understand a foreign language much better than they can write or speak it. That is the primary distinction between passive and active language learning.

To fully master a language, you should be able to do these four things. This can be extremely overwhelming. While some French learning apps cover all four language learning areas, most apps focus on one or two major areas.

We have specifically chosen apps that address visual, aural, verbal, or social learning as a core area, allowing you to either build on your strengths or work on your weaknesses.

Ideally, you should combine two or three of the best apps for learning French listed below to determine which learning style works best for you. Pay attention to how much fun you’re having and how far you’re getting to determine which learning style is the easiest and best for you to learn French wherever you are.

9 Best Apps to Learn French 1

What Are The Best Apps For Learning French?

A mobile app is one simple way to learn the French language. Numerous apps are available to help you learn or improve your French; choosing just one may seem daunting. To make things easier, we have compiled a collection of the best apps for learning French. Now you can easily choose the best one for you.

Best Immersion-Based App: Rosetta Stone

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Rosetta Stone has always been one of the most famous languages-learning systems. You used to have to buy the software to install it on the computer, but now you can also download a Rosetta Stone mobile app to use on a mobile device. Rosetta Stone offers 25 different languages, with French being one of the most popular. Rosetta Stone’s methodology is immersion-based, exposing you to real-world conversations from the start. You must use your instincts to get around and begin learning rather than having everything translated into your first language. They claim that doing so makes learning more natural and realistic.

The app includes speech-recognition technology and feedback to help you improve your pronunciation. They have games and various challenges to immerse you during the learning process. Rosetta Stone provides a three-day free trial, after which subscriptions range from €12.08 per month for three months of French, €8.05 per month for a year of French, and €180.35 for a lifetime of instruction in all languages available on the platform.

Best Game-Based App: Duolingo

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Duolingo is easily one of the most famous language-learning apps. It is available in 38 languages, including French. They claim you can learn the language in just five minutes per day. What distinguishes Duolingo is its game-like methodology from other language learning apps. This aspect makes it interactive and enjoyable. You can customise the application to your learning style and specific needs by selecting one of several paths and options, and rewards are provided to keep you motivated. Duolingo also provides practice for reading, writing, speaking, listening, and conversation. The app is entirely free. If you wish to avoid ads and enjoy extra Duolingo features, you can upgrade to the Plus version for €7.04 monthly.

Best Language Exchange App: HelloTalk

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HelloTalk allows you to learn French by connecting with native French speakers from all over the world. The app supports over 150 languages, and its community of speakers numbers in the millions. Their methodology is unique. It is based on a language exchange interaction in which you learn from a native French speaker while teaching them your native language. The main advantage is that you get exposure to the culture and language of native French speakers. There are several ways to communicate, including text, voice recordings, voice calls, and video calls. During these conversations, you can get built-in assistance with pronunciation, translation, grammar correction, spelling, and so on. Language courses and live French classes are also available through the app. You can try HelloTalk for free or upgrade to a VIP membership for €7.04 monthly.

Best Conversational-Based App: Babbel

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Babbel is one of the most famous language-learning apps. Babbel offers 14 languages, including French. It’s a conversation-based app, which means the objective is to get you to start talking right away by using real conversations about everyday topics. They claim that after three weeks of using their programme, you will be able to talk about basic topics. Babbel is divided into 10- to 15-minute lessons, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule. Their features include speech recognition technology to aid pronunciation, grammar tips, and review activities. Babbel also keeps track of your progress to see how much you learn. The first lesson is free if you wish to try it out. Following that, you can subscribe for €14.06 per month. There are lower prices if you subscribe to the app for several months.

9 Best Apps to Learn French 2

Best Repetition-Based App: MosaLingua

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MosaLingua’s Learn French app implements the Spaced Repetition System to encourage long-term memorisation and assist you in learning French effectively. It teaches vocabulary, phrases, and verb conjugations through both visual and audio memorisation. The app features include thousands of flashcards containing audio pronunciation by native speakers. They have pre-recorded dialogues and grammar essentials about everyday situations and learning tips. As you progress, you can unlock bonus MosaLingua content that will keep you motivated. One major advantage of the MosaLingua app is that you only pay €5.03 per month to download the app once, after which you can enjoy all of the content offline as well.

Best Incremental App: Learn French ASAP by Brainscape

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The Brainscape Learn French ASAP app implements the Intelligent Cumulative Exposure method, which enables you to learn the language in small steps, one concept at a time. Their methodology adapts to your needs and provides the relevant amount of spaced repetition for your learning requirements. They claim their material is equivalent to four years of high school French. They have over 10,000 audio flashcards, simple grammar explanations, verb conjugations, and ongoing feedback. You can use this to visualise your progress. They have a network of learners to support each other. You can try this programme for free, but to get the Pro version, you must subscribe for €10.07 per month or purchase a six-month subscription for €7.04 per month, an annual subscription for €5.03 per month, or a lifetime subscription for €130.97.

Best Memory-Based App: Memrise

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The Memrise app supports 23 languages, one of which is, of course, French. The Memrise app system makes the language learning experience enjoyable by combining science and technology with real-world language content through images, audio, and memory techniques such as flashcards. Their memory-based methodology assists you in learning new concepts by teaching you to connect words and concepts. Tests and quiz-style games, such as Speed Review, Classic Review, Listening Skills and Difficult Words, are also included in the app. Another helpful feature is Learn with Locals video clips, which enable you to watch and listen to native French speakers. You can record your pronunciation and then compare it to native speakers. If you wish to try Memrise, you can create an account for free and then subscribe for €8.55 per month, €5.04 per month with an annual subscription, or €120.89 for a lifetime subscription.

Best Interactive App: Busuu

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Busuu is a language-learning system that includes French among its 13 languages. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking, writing, and conversation activities are all part of their French classes. You can choose from an array of topics, and their machine-learning technology allows for personalised lesson plans and practise with speech recognition. Busuu is distinguished by its social feature, which enables you to interact with thousands of other language learners, especially French native speakers who can provide instant feedback.

You can, for example, do writing and conversation exercises that you can then send out for feedback. The Busuu programme offers several levels of French instruction, a French for Travel and a French Pronunciation course. Much Busuu content is free, but some features require a subscription (€13.05 for one month, €5.99 for a year, or €5.49 for 24 months).

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Best Essential Concepts App: French by Nemo

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The Nemo programme includes apps in 34 languages. The free French by Nemo app can assist you in learning at your own pace. It is not based on lessons, so you can start whenever you have some free time. Their system gradually introduces new words and phrases and reviews them regularly so you can memorise them for your long-term memory.

This programme focuses on the most important concepts, such as high-frequency words and phrases, so you can begin speaking French immediately. Some of their features include recording your voice and comparing it to a native speaker’s pronunciation, interactive audio, and a phrasebook that can act as a translator.

You can access the actual content by downloading the app for free. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can upgrade the app to the Nemo French Foundation pack for €12.08 to access additional add-ons.

Final Words

You now have a list of enjoyable and goal-oriented learning apps to help you improve your French. It is entirely up to you to get the most out of it. You should start laughing and learning right away. To supplement your online language learning with the fundamentals of French, consider purchasing a traditional French grammar book.