People frequently travel for several reasons. While some individuals want to reflect on their own lives, others want to immerse themselves entirely in another culture. In an unfamiliar country, it’s simple to become lost literally and metaphorically. Avoid physically becoming lost, especially if you don’t speak the language.

Are you visiting France soon? Don’t be deceived by low-quality international internet plans; the best way to avoid costly roaming fees is to get a local pre-paid sim card in France. We will guide you to get a pre-paid sim card in France. It covers current tariffs as of June 2022, information on the country’s best 4G/5G network, where to buy a sim card for travel inside France, information on EU roaming, and even information on international and e-sim cards for France.

Use the pre-paid SIM card to reduce your anxiety. Even while traveling to remote locations, you may still access local networks. Both calling and texting are still effective ways to communicate. In most cases, this is better than being still and stuck in an unknown place. Social media has facilitated many connections among people over time. It’s an essential part of one’s online persona. Most people can stay relevant online by participating and being informed. Most people, incredibly influential people, would want to stay connected as soon as possible. Free WiFi is not always sufficient. The bandwidth may not be enough for light browsing if many people are connected to a network.

Every hotel, bar, restaurant, and even taxi in France now provides free WiFi, but the simple question is whether you want to rely on it. What if your hotel room’s WiFi signal is too weak, or the restaurant’s WiFi is too slow even to stream a video? Frustrating! Right? Another warning is that public WiFi is an UNSECURED connection; in these instances, a VPN is suggested to safeguard your privacy.

We can think of a zillion reasons you should buy a local sim card for your trip to France: ordering an Uber, getting directions from Google Maps, and finding a nearby restaurant on TripAdvisor.

You may easily avoid high roaming fees by purchasing a local pre-paid sim card with data. A lot less expensive than an international data plan. In 2022, you can find outstanding pre-paid sim card deals in France.

It would help if you had something speedy, readily available, and devoid of extra bells and whistles. Travel simulators allow you to connect to the local network as soon as you get off the plane. Tell your relatives how your flight went over a video call as quickly as possible. Maintain your social media profiles. Keep up with the local news and weather.

What Are The Best Pre-Paid SIM Cards In France?

In France, there are the following mobile internet service providers, all of which provide pre-paid sim cards to travelers.

·   Orange Prepaid Holiday SIM Card.

·   PASS SFR La Carte

·   Bouygues Telecom

Orange Prepaid Holiday SIM Card

The “Mobicarte,” a pre-paid SIM card without a contract or fee, is offered by Orange, one of the significant French phone providers, for 14.99€. 100Mb of data, free texts, three available lines, and two hours of calls throughout France and Europe are all included. Orange is the most popular mobile phone service provider in the French market. The firm allows customers to choose mobile phone plans that are either postpaid or pay-as-you-go.

Although a top-up card is available, it only lasts for 14 days. In addition, Orange charges 39.99 euros for a SIM card that includes a French phone number, 30 GB of internet inside Europe, unlimited calls and messages within Europe, and 2 hours of calls and 1000 SMS from Europe to the rest of the world. Only visitors were intended for this card. The initial plan is valid for 14 days, beginning with the initial call or text.

If you want more, you must buy a top-up card to get 1 hour of calls, 500 SMS, and 5 GB (also for 14 days) for 20€. You may top off your phone with any Orange pre-paid card available at supermarkets and cigarette shops. They are simple to get because locals also utilize them.

Do you have any plans to travel throughout Europe? The good news is that the European Union can use this bundle.

From Where Can You Get The Card?

In addition to tobacco shops, gas stations, and grocery stores, Orange stores (in French) also sell the Orange Holiday card and top-ups. Additionally, you may find relay shops in airports. It will be able to instruct you because the handbook included with it is available in five different languages.


SFR, another market leader in the phone operator industry, provides a pre-paid card called “La Carte” (in French). It costs 9.99 euros and includes a credit of 10 euros with a 30-day expiration date. SFR will allow you to top up the card once it is on your phone (in French).

The so-called “classic” top-ups provide users access to the PASS, a communication credit (calls, messages, and data), and unlimited communication on weekends. After 9 p.m., Top-up cards have a price range of 5 to 95 euros and a validity of 6 to 150 days, depending on the cost.

You may use PASS, like top-up cards, if you have an SFR SIM card by sending a text message from your smartphone.

From Where Can You Get The Card?

The SIM card must be acquired either in person at an SFR store or online in French (in French). Customers may buy the top-ups online, in SFR outlets, supermarkets, and Relay stores (including airports).

Bouygues Telecom

Additionally, Bouygues Telecom offers exclusive pre-paid SIM card promotions.

There is a pre-paid card called My European SIM for travelers, especially those planning trips to other European countries. You may make unlimited calls and text messages across Europe for 30 days, 20 gigabytes of data, and unlimited international calls and texts for 39.90 euros. This card can only be activated in France. However, you may purchase it online.

Bouygues Telecom provides travelers with a unique pre-paid sim card. They were pretty helpful and went through everything with me about the Bouygues Telecom tourist pre-paid sim card with me in their store:

20 GB of data for €39,90, unlimited calls and texts, and a €25 credit for international calls.

Considering that you may use it everywhere, this France sim card is a fantastic option for tourists visiting Europe.

Buying A Pre-Paid Simcard In France

The three major cellular network providers are known to be the best service providers. Orange Prepaid Holiday SIM Card, PASS SFR La Carte, and Bouygues Telecom are highly recommended for cellular service and SIM cards. In this case, Orange was one of France’s earliest mobile network companies. They are dedicated to providing the most refined network and won the best operator award for the eighth year. With the available Travel Prepaid SIM Cards for Europe, you may have a superb internet experience while traveling across France and Europe.

To Use Prepaid Sim Card In France

To begin using a pre-paid SIM card in France, all you want is your phone (which should be unlocked or otherwise able to be used in France), along with a valid form of identification (your passport, for example).

You may acquire a pre-paid SIM card and credit from the boutique of a mobile phone carrier (such as Orange, SFR, or Bouygues Telecom), from an electronics retailer (such as Darty or FNAC), from a Tabac (tobacconist), a post office, or from major supermarkets.

Coverage And Data Rates

All three companies provide exceptional service, coverage, and responsiveness. Fast LTE speed and consistent service are assured, especially in major towns and cities. This fantastic service is accessible in villages and rural areas since 4G/LTE services are readily available.

European Union Roaming

All pre-paid sim cards in France come with free EU roaming. This implies that if you buy a sim card in Paris and then travel to Frankfurt, Germany, you may use your France sim card for chatting, texting, and data without incurring any extra costs. For more information and guidance, check out my guide to buying a local SIM card in Europe, or go right to my rating of the best SIM cards for traveling in Europe in 2022.

Customers can use SIM cards from any EU member country in any other EU member country at no additional cost because Spain is a member of the EU.

The best choice in 2022 for connecting your phone to the internet when traveling overseas is, without a doubt getting an e-sim card. Your phone will download everything you need to finish it online. A few adjustments later, you’re done! An e-sim card offers data allocation and enables connection to a foreign network.

Before choosing your package, you may want to consider the following:

Make sure your plan is compatible with various cellular networks around the country and that it provides you with adequate data. Additionally, confirm that the company’s policies are easy to understand and that the physical stores of your desired provider are in a handy location. Additionally, you may want to ensure the company you pick provides straightforward package switching and reliable and efficient customer assistance.

The Most Incredible Mobile Data Services Are Provided By Which SIM Card?

While Vodafone isn’t far behind, Orange offers the most significant mobile data services in this scenario and offers more GBs at a much cheaper rate. SFR might be more expensive if you use the internet a lot.

Which SIM Card Is Most Affordable?

In general, SIM cards may not be as expensive in Spain. However, Orange makes sure to provide its clients with free SIM cards that don’t come with any additional fees as long as they are filled up with enough money at the time of purchase. Orange also offers several cost-effective bundles with no extra roaming fees.

E-Sim Cards For France

E-SIM cards could be a better choice for those who want to travel for leisure. Through your phone, these SIM cards provide all standard services in an automatic manner. However, these SIM cards do not allow calls; they only provide data. Therefore, most consumers favor using pre-paid SIM cards in their place.

Which Network Offers The Best 4G Network In France?

The fastest 3G and 4G speeds are provided by Orange, while SFR provides the finest network performance. Orange has the fastest aggregate download rates across 3G and 4G networks, with 10.4 Mbps. When just 4G networks were considered, Orange provided the fastest speed of 13.9 Mbps.

How To Buy Prepaid Sim Card In France?

To purchase a SIM card, choose a provider that best meets your needs. The next step would be to choose an appropriate strategy.

Most major French mobile carriers provide SIM cards with pre-paid mobile data plans for travelers. These data plans are often marketed by third-party resellers that distribute them to your home address.

Orange$3010GBUnlimited in Europe
Bouygues Telecom$5030GBUnlimited in Europe

Depending on the retailer, SIM cards may be purchased and charged after activation. This is especially true with Orange SIM cards, which have no upfront expenses if filled up with a sufficient amount.

Where Can I Get a Pre-Paid SIM Card?

SIM cards may be purchased both in-store and online. However, online shopping may be possible for pre-ordering or persons residing in other European nations. These SIM cards might be sent within a few days. However, there may be some problems. However, these issues may be avoided if you purchase at an actual shop. There are various similar outlets in France, including airports.


The international airport is the finest and fastest place to get a France SIM card. Two international airports serve Paris. Read my in-depth guide on getting a sim card at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport if you’re traveling into Charles de Gaulle. There are also sim card shops at Paris Orly Airport, so don’t worry if you get there; I don’t have any specific advice.

3 Best Pre-Paid SIM Cards In France 2

At each significant international airport, booths sell France SIM cards. The airports in Nice and Marseille both sell SIM cards. Because they understand English, getting a sim card for France at the airport may be easier than in the city center.

City Centre

Every French city’s central business district is home to several retail phone stores. To discover the nearest store, go to Google Maps and type in one of the four mobile internet providers. To help you decide which path to go, wait till I show you the best-prepaid sim card available in France.

Carrier-Specific Storefronts

 The major mobile service providers will have their storefronts where they sell their SIM cards in most large cities. Although most service workers should be able to communicate in English, they could set you up with little to no communication since they install SIM cards daily.

Third-Party Phone Shops

 Many cell phone retailers provide a range of phone plans from different suppliers. Although staff members may be able to help with setup, service is probably going to be inferior to carrier-specific locations. You may purchase SIM cards in most cities’ smaller shops, but don’t count on receiving any support from the staff.


If you want to save the effort of searching for a shop and purchasing a SIM card once you are in France, you can purchase it online, and it will be delivered to you within a few days.


Moving to France or simply visiting as a tourist may require you to stay connected to a data network because so much of daily life in France revolves around the phone; you’ll need fast and dependable mobile data while you’re there. For example, you’ll need a phone to access mobile train tickets, restaurant menus, museum/event tickets, Google Maps, UBER/taxi, and more.

The three major cellular network providers, Orange Prepaid Holiday SIM Card, PASS SFR La Carte, and Bouygues Telecom, are known to be the best service providers in France. And the fastest 3G and 4G speeds are provided by Orange.

If you want to save the hassle of looking for a store and traveling to get one once you are in France, you can purchase a SIM card online and have it delivered within a few days.