A completely new grammatical system can be one of the most difficult obstacles for many foreign language learners to overcome. While many French study books will provide a decent introduction to grammar, it’s always a good idea to use materials specifically designed to help you learn and improve your grammar.

While apps like Duolingo are fantastic for beginners and make language learning fun, they may lack the fundamental grammar rules that students need to understand.

Whatever your level of French, you can always use some more grammar help. As a result, this guide will walk you through the best books for each learning level and recommend which books are appropriate for certain learners.

Dive in to discover our picks for the greatest French grammar books for beginners and beyond.

If you’re a French student, you might be thinking about which French grammar book is best for you. This article will go over the following:

  • Why should you consider learning with a grammar textbook?
  • The top French grammar books for intermediate to advanced stages
  • Tips To Start Learning French

Whether you are searching for your first grammar textbook or are dissatisfied with the one you have, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to learn French online or take the DELF, DALF, or TCF tests, revisiting our French grammar and conjugation worksheets is always a good idea!

Why Is It Important To Get A French Grammar Book?

Consider the following benefits if you’re thinking about using a grammar textbook to help you learn French:

  • Books promote organized learning by allowing pupils to progress from one chapter to the next.
  • Every level of grammar book is offered.
  • The finest French grammar book will have grammar rules, vocabulary, and audio materials to create a well-rounded learning experience.
  • Books are a one-time expense.

If we’ve persuaded you that purchasing a grammar book is wise, the next issue is which one? We recommend selecting and purchasing a textbook tailored to your learning needs and learning style. Borrowing a friend’s exercise book or reusing your parents’ old-school textbooks may be a cost-effective alternative, but selecting a resource appropriate for your level is the way to go.

Best French Grammar Books For Beginners

Essential French Grammar

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This grammar book teaches French phrasally, with grammar elements presented alongside phrases and sentences that you may use immediately. It compares French constructions to their English counterparts without requiring a substantial understanding of English grammar.

The grammar book is ideal for beginning French students because it presupposes no prior knowledge of English grammar or prior experience in French.

French Grammar For Beginners

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With 30 starting-level lessons on fundamental grammar ideas, this textbook gives a crash course in French grammar for beginner learners. The lectures are simple and easy to understand to avoid initial confusion, focusing on the principles rather than the exceptions.

Because many grammar books ignore listening exercises, this book is ideal for people who want to focus on listening and pronunciation skills in addition to grammar. You can listen to the book read aloud by a native French speaker!

The textbook also includes a workbook, which allows students to practice the grammar topics they’ve learned in class. There is plenty to get your teeth into with over 300 grammatical exercises.

La Grammaire des Premiers Temps (A1 – A2)

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This is the first of a two parted series, the first for A1-A2 beginner students and the second for B1-B2 intermediate students. This is one of the top French grammar books because of its emphasis on enhancing your French expressiveness through oral and writing exercises. Among the highlights are the following:

  • At the end of each chapter, grammar knowledge is summarised in recap sheets.
  • Fundamental knowledge mixed with novel training exercises
  • A series that will take you from beginner to intermediate.

This book’s grammar is designed primarily for beginner learners and includes various resources to assist you in learning the fundamentals of French. There is a learning approach for everyone, from exercises to explanations and grammar tables.

What makes this book so distinctive is that you will not only be practicing grammar, but you will also be practicing grammar in the context of listening and speaking abilities. This grammar book comes with a CD to help you learn.

Along with grammar, the book offers idioms, which help sound more authentic and avoid awkward words. Rather than more formal or literary examples, the examples and activities use words that you will almost probably use daily.

Best French Grammar Books For Intermediates

French Grammar For Intermediate Level

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If you enjoyed “French Grammar for Beginners,” why not go to the next level with its advanced counterpart?

“French Grammar for Intermediate Level” is written in the same style as the edition for beginners, and it contains 30 well-explained lessons on the most significant areas of French intermediate grammar.

And, as before, you can supplement your grammar studies with French audio narration and a workbook of over 300 activities to really put your newfound knowledge to the test.

French Grammar In Context

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You may speak French as a novice by translating sentences from English. To begin with, there isn’t really any other way. However, as you grow in your language studies, you will need to start thinking in French, which may require you to express things that would sound strange if said in English or your home language.

This book is fantastic for helping you grasp how the grammatical rules you’re studying fit into the larger context of the language. It employs in-person readings of poems, books, articles, and music created by French authors and artists.

This method helps you to grasp how these grammar principles are applied from the perspective of a native speaker, as well as ease yourself into reading French Literature, which will help you tremendously with both grammar and vocabulary abilities!

Intermediate French For Dummies

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This book is fantastic because a natural non-native French speaker wrote it. Laura Lawless is aware of the most common grammar pitfalls that English speakers fall into, and she will inform you so that you may avoid the most prevalent errors.

It’s at the lower end of the intermediate level, so it’s ideal for beginning students who want to progress to more advanced concepts. It covers the essentials of French grammar while also providing practice exercises.

Laura Lawless also has her own French learning website, which you can visit if you wish to supplement your grammatical study. It was quite helpful to me throughout the early stages of my French learning adventure.

This is our top choice for the greatest French grammar book for intermediate students because a well-known non-native French grammar teacher writes it. This book is aimed at students who have mastered the fundamentals and want to broaden their comprehension of French grammar, so it is at the lower end of the intermediate level. It contains the following items:

  • Information specific to French for working and traveling
  • Writing exercises complete with suggested corrections
  • Basic explanations of the distinctions between French and English linguistic ideas

Best French Grammar Books For Advanced Learners

Le Bon Usage

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Any advanced French learner has most likely heard of Le Bon Usage. It is a 1,600-page book filled with examples from French literature over the centuries. Nobody can deny that it is extremely thorough. It is particularly well-known among French native speakers because many French schools use it to teach French grammar to their younger students.

This is good for advanced learners because it covers all key grammatical concepts in great depth. You must already be familiar with most French grammar rules, as this book will help you iron out the kinks and truly use this language in all settings.

Furthermore, because the learning process for a foreign language never ends, this book is essential to keep for reference no matter how far along you are in the process. This book is not for pupils afraid of serious grammar, but if you want to work on your expression, it could become your best friend.

Les 500 Exercices de Grammaire

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This workbook allows advanced French students to practice and develop more difficult grammar concepts. It is marketed at the A1/A2 level and contains the most complicated grammar elements to help you perfect your language skills.

Because the book is entirely written in French, substantial knowledge of the language is required before attempting it. However, as an advanced learner, employing French throughout this book will allow you to improve your reading skills while polishing your grammar usage.

It’s well worth the money, and you’ll have plenty to keep you going for a while with 500 workouts.

10 Best French Grammar Books 1

A Comprehensive French Grammar

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This book has some history because it has been in print since the 1950s and is continually updated as the language evolves.

I used this book while studying French at Cambridge and can attest that it lives up to its reputation. The French faculty suggested it for all students, covering everything from conjugations to propositional applications and gender to the subjunctive.

This book is excellent because of its age and experience. It has been updated numerous times throughout the years, each time making improvements recommended by readers and responding to changes in the French language.

One example is how the book explains where French and English grammar rules differ, allowing you to properly understand the two and begin to sound like a native French speaker – or as close to one as an adult learner can go!

Practice Makes Perfect: The French Subjunctive Up Close

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One of the most challenging aspects of studying any Romance language for English speakers is mastering the subjunctive. It is beyond an English speaker’s comfort zone, yet it is also necessary to successfully speak a Romance language. French is no different.

Because of the complexities of grasping its uses and nuances, the French subjunctive is a more challenging topic. This book is specifically designed to assist you by providing several examples of when to use the subjunctive and activities to help you practice when and when not to use the subjunctive.

If you’re a more experienced learner who struggles with this grammar aspect, this book is a must-have.

10 Best French Grammar Books 2

Final Words

This brings us to the conclusion of our list of the greatest French grammar books for beginners and beyond. And once you’ve tried some of them, please let us know what you think!